house-mouseAnother pest that is very common throughout Wenatchee, Moses Lake, Quincy, Leavenworth and Chelan are House Mice. These mice are absolutely amazing in their ability to survive and thrive in almost any environment. They are one of the most populous mammals on the earth second only to humans!

A full grown House Mouse will be 6-7 inches. They are good jumpers, climber and even swimmers! They are very social animals and are amazingly reproductive. A healthy female mouse will have 5-10 litters per year with 6-8 pups in each litter. The young mice become sexually mature and able to start reproducing after only 6-8 weeks! Because of their social nature and their reproductive ability, if a home has signs of mouse activity there is almost certainly a larger population hiding out of site.

House Mice invasions can happen at anytime during the year but are the most common during the colder months. They will look for any crack or crevice ½ inch or more and are able to squeeze easily squeeze through in search of both harborage and food sources. They are mostly active during dusk or at night. In addition to the droppings that they leave behind one of the most common signs of a mouse infestation is the scratching noise that they create by gnawing with their teeth. Homes with crawl spaces are especially prone to large infestations because the sub-floor insulation provides a soft and hidden nesting location and they will often do considerable damage to the crawl space as a result.